Salon Synergy

Sharpsburg, Ga

Synergy {sin-er-jee}
The interaction of elements that when combined produce a total effect that is greater than the sum of the individual elements.


We are a group of individual stylist who have came together as a team to accomplish a greater goal than we could ever accomplish alone. Helping our clients obtain healthy and happy hair is our mission. We have an extremely talented staff who all specialize in many different areas. We reside in Sharpsburg, Ga. We have been open since 2013!


The Salon Owner of Salon Synergy  is Tara Ballard. She has been in the hair industry for over fifteen years. Tara was born and raised here in Georgia, where she graduated from Newnan High School. She then attended Cosmetology in Fayetteville, GA , where she obtained her diploma as a Master Stylist. Tara has taken many color, cutting, and styling classes through out all of her years. Some of her education is by, but not limited to Matrix,  Redken, Schwarzkopf, Framesi, Pravana and many other professional hair lines. Tara enjoys reading, laughing, and spending time with her three beautiful sons when she is not at Salon Synergy.